Free Agents [US], “Pilot” (1.01)

A review of the US adaptation of the Brit comedy, written by John Enbom and directed by Todd Holland, after the jump…

After the absolutely tepid reviews of Free Agents, I was absolutely shocked when I found it to be, actually, pretty charming. Once I gritted my teeth through the first five minutes, which were pretty hard to watch, the show fell into a nice rhythm. The thing that saves this, really, is the chemistry between Hank Azaria (who is fantastic here) and Kathryn Hahn. As written, I’m not sure I’d like their characters, but both actors manage to make their respective bundles of emotional mess enjoyable to watch. Hahn is witty and engaging, and Azaria is awkward and adorable, and it works.

Of the supporting cast, I (of course) liked Anthony Stewert Head as their boss, and I also enjoyed Natasha Leggero as a meaner version of Becki Newton‘s Ugly Betty character. Mo Mandel‘s over-enthused co-worker, Al Madrigal‘s pathetic husband-who-wants-to-club and Joe lo Trugio‘s security guard mostly felt like window dressing there in order to shove the plot forward, but none really hurt the episode.

I’m not sure I’m a fan of the more uncomfortable humour, but the chemistry between the two leads, Head, and Leggero, makes me think I’ll stick around for a few episodes and wee how it goes.


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