It’s true. The Signal will, as of this season, no longer be covering How I Met Your Mother. More after the jump…

After the very popular week-by-week reviews last season gave us a great boost in readership, I was tempted to keep going. However, it will be difficult for me to review a show I’ve decided I’m not terribly interested in watching any more.

This is a difficult call to make, to be honest. In addition to the high readership on the HIMYM posts, I’ve been a devoted fan of the show since its first season. The first two seasons rank among the best in television comedy, in my opinion. I would rewatch episodes on bad days, on boring days. Really, whenever I didn’t have something pressing due, I’d pop in “The Duel” (1.08) or “First Time in New York” (2.12) and be just happy for 20 minutes. The third season, while a little rocky, has some of my favourite episodes of the show.


The last truly wonderful How I Met Your Mother episode aired March 16, 2009, in “The Front Porch” (4.17). Over half of each season’s episodes, in early years, would be of that quality. Over 11 of 22 episodes per year would be brilliant. Now, these past two years, there is not a single episode from seasons five or six that belong in that pantheon. Last season’s “Natural History” (6.08) came so close, but was still just the best of a mediocre season. Including it would only be a desperate attempt to find some gold in two years of, well, the shadow of what was once my favourite show on television. And in season five, I was angry. In season six, I was hopeful.

And in season seven… I’m resigned. I’m tired. And I don’t want to spend my Monday nights in grief. I want to spend them excited for something new. I may catch up on the season later. Watch it in a marathon burst, rip the bandage off, and maybe come close to the high of earlier seasons. If this seems melodramatic, I agree. It is. Because there’s few other ways to acknowledge the failure of a beloved show than with a wake, of sorts. If it regains its former glory, let me know and maybe I’ll catch up. But for now, at The Signal, the show is done.

That said! It is all not grief. Sometime tonight (or tomorrow), in addition to my review of the Eureka season four finale, I’ll be announcing a new show I’ll be covering week-to-week. I’ve checked in on it every so often in the past, and I honestly think it will be a lot of fun to write on each episode. There’s always plenty to talk about with it.

How do you feel about this? Will you miss the reviews? Do you agree or disagree with my frustrations? And what do you think the new show will be? Sound off below! And I’ll be back later tonight…



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