Doctor Who, “Closing Time” (6.12)

The Doctor makes his final stop on his farewell tour and meets a old friend, a new friend, an old enemy and some metal rats. Read the review after the jump…

“He needs someone. He always needs someone. He just can’t admit it.” -Craig about the Doctor

How’s the Doctor?

Despite being on his final hours, the Doctor just can’t resist a good adventure with Cybermen. But despite his affinity for adventure, he doesn’t want to get Craig into trouble. Craig and the Doctor chat about that age-old debate of “Is the Doctor here to stop evil or does evil follow the Doctor?” many times in the epsisode. They don’t really come to a conclusion since they’re really isn’t an answer to it. As the Doctor explains, sometimes the Universe likes to play tricks.

The Doctor is pretty sad about his upcoming demise. But he also seems to be content with the life he has lived. It’s like he has a kind of zen acceptance that he’s going to die. He also hopes Alfie a good life too, even if he isn’t good at selling a boring, normal human lifetime to the little guy. And it very much seems as if this is indeed the Doctor’s last adventure before the events of the series 6 premiere, since we see him grab those famous blue envelopes and Craig give him the Stetson he wore. I say “seem” because God knows what’s going to happen next in the finale.

How’s Craig and Stormageddon?

Craig is back for this year’s pre-finale episode! And now, he’s a dad with his baby Alfie AKA Stormageddon. It’s nice to see a real human with normal human issues deal with the Doctor from time to time. Not a bunch of actions heroes likes Amy and Rory or River. I mean they’re great but Craig has a way to ground the show and the Doctor. That said, Craig’s pretty shit as a companion (or, ahem… partner) and as a Dad. He seems to be very bumbling and he screams a lot… I figure, as any normal human might do if they had to deal with the stuff the Doctor deals with. Despite this, he does redeem himself in the end when he blows up the Cybermen by hearing Alfie’s crying and melts their minds with love. They reference the overly cute nature of that ending but hey, I’ll take that. It’s the pre-finale episode. Cuteness is alright here.

How’s Amy and Rory?

We get a sweet scene where the Doctor spots Amy and Rory in the store where he’s investigating. Amy’s now a famous model for a perfume brand with the ever clever tagline: “For the girl who’s tired of waiting.” They seem to be having a good time without him but I’m sure they’ll rejoin his crazy adventures in the finale.

In Conclusion

A nice fluffy, heart-warming episode. You kind of need that after the last two tear-jerkers and before whatever might happen in the finale. Oh! and before we go…

How’s River?

You tell me:


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