2 Broke Girls 1.01, “Pilot”

A promotional image for the show

A review of the pilot of the new hit, written by Michael Patrick King & Whitney Cummings, and directed by James Burrows, after the jump…

Pilots often suck, mostly because a lot of exposition must be done – usually awkwardly – in order for characters and plot to be established. 2 Broke Girls’ pilot episode which aired on CBS September 19th is no exception. Rife with clichés and bad writing, 2 Broke Girls tells the story of Max Black (Kat Dennings), waitress and street smart girl living in Brooklyn, basically broke. Enter Caroline (Beth Behrs), ex-socialite who has lost all her money (correction: daddy’s money) due to fraudulent investments and who must now hide in an area of town where no one from her former circles would find her. Max and Caroline are the original odd couple, a concept so overdone that it’s its own catchphrase* . The girls work together at a seedy diner run by Bryce Lee, a comical Asian man who looks way too young to be running a business. Throw in a hot boyfriend (congrats on the eight pack!), a random old black guy, a horse (yes, a horse) and that annoying laugh track and you’ve got a one way ticket to this show going broke.

* Please CBS, no more odd couplings, please!!

Despite their differences (and there’s really only one: Max is poor, and Caroline only knows how to be rich) these two become friends by episode’s end, and plan to open their own bakery. A running tally of how much they save is put up at the end of the show. That’s kind of interesting, but again that’s one frame at the end of the show that shows promise… yikes.

As for Kat Dennings, right now she makes the show. Without her this review would be even more disparaging, if that’s possible. However, I think she can do better and hopefully this show gives her a little more to work with as the season progresses.


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