Glee, “The First Time” (3.05)

Santana, as Anita, and Rachel, as Maria, on stage for West Side Story.

A review of the newest episode, written by Roberto Agruirre-Sacasa and directed by Bradley Buecker, in spoiler-free and spoiler-y versions, after the jump… Advertisements


The Hart of Dixie title card

Initially, I never reviewed the pilot for Hart of Dixie. This wasn’t due to lack of intent, but lack of time. That, combined with the fact that the show is enjoyable but lightweight. Now that we’ve seen five episodes of it, here are my thoughts…

Glee, “Pot O’ Gold” (3.04)

Puck promises support to Shelby.

A review of the fifth episode (in spoiler-free and spoilery forms), written by Ali Adler and directed by Adam Shankman, after the jump…