After almost two years, 259 posts, 15,000 hits and a lot of hours TV watched, it’s with great sadness (and a little relief) that we close down The Signal.

This was intended as a place for us to discuss television, an outlet for the thousand thoughts we had about every show we watched. And it was, and it was excellent. But just as the backlash on weekly recaps has demonstrated, the format is deeply limiting, and we struggled to find anything to say that nobody else was saying. Between time constraints and the unfortunate truth that we weren’t that interested in exploring the week-in and week-out goings on of various shows, The Signal fell by the wayside.

We had to make a choice: devote the time to revamping it in a form that served us creatively, or pour that energy into topics that truly engaged us. We chose to do the latter.

You can follow my writings at The Diversionist, and Stéphane will still be blogging at snowy2004.

In addition, we’re launching a blog about screenwriting, our true love, at KnowWhatYouWrite. In addition to analysing scripts and discussion the craft, we’ll be following a project we’re very excited about running over the summer.

Is this the end of The Signal? For now, yes. Maybe someday, when we have the time and the yearning, we’ll revisit the site. For now, though, we’ll occasionally be writing about TV from our home bases. Check us out there!

It’s been a great time, guys. Thanks for reading.

3 Responses to “THE SIGNAL STOPS”
  1. Pamela: What’s scary is I think we’re both feeling our age because it was in the 1930s it was basically more than 70 years ago that the first television signals went out. So, we’ve been sending things out for a long time and those signals could be now hitting a lot of Stars.

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