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The truth about television is that its a massively important, worldwide form of creative expression. Serial narrative in video format is slowly becoming distanced from television sets themselves, spawning internet streaming, webseries, vlogs… The possibilities are endless.  And with the powerful creative voices and increased budgets and artistry of today, we’re quite possibly in the golden age of television… and possibly the last in which ‘television’ is its name.

The Signal is an attempt to celebrate the diverse and powerful universe created by television, whether Canadian or international, big-budget or small fry, conventional TV or webseries. While our reviewers situations limit their time and the availability of various shows, we’re a Canadian voice looking at television from a Canadian perspective, both inward at Canada’s television works and outward at the cream of the crop made all over the place.

Who are we?

Robert Lackie, Editor in Chief: A third-year university student at Ryerson University in Toronto, Lackie is working towards a career writing for television, and is a dedicated student of the medium. Spending tens of hours each week watching and critically thinking about the shows within his reach, while studying it in the Radio and Television Arts program, Lackie has a lot to say about these overlooked pieces of literature.

Stéphane Lachance, Writer: Being a TV addict, It’s only natural that Stéphane Lachance would have something to say about television. A third year student at Ryerson University’s School of Radio and Television Arts, he’s interested in digital media and writing and loves comedies and dramas. As well as the shows themselves, he’s interested in discussing more “behind-the-scenes” topics, particularly relating to how we get TV shows. Follow what he’s doing at and follow him on twitter @snowy2004

Jessica Finch, Writer: A television enthusiast with a flair for journalism, Jessica Finch plans to bring her own writing style to The Signal. In her third year of the Radio and Television Arts program at Ryerson University, Finch has always had an interest in media production and hopes to someday work at an up and coming production house. She isn’t an avid TV viewer, but the shows that do catch her attention keep her riveted from start to finish. For more Finch, check out her writing & film portfolio.

Sam Rinkledink, Writer: Sam is a massive fan of TV, watching as much as she can between class and work while studying at Ryerson University’s Radio and Television Arts program.

Betty Dang, Podcast Co-Host:  Betty is currently a student at Ryerson University studying Radio and Television Arts. Although her heart truly lies in the audio-musical world of soundboards, mix tapes and band t-shirts, the occasional venture into the visual medium of television would do her some good. Dang is one of the three regular contributors to The Signal‘s webcast, as well as one half of SpiritLive‘s “The Uncharted Territory”.

So wherever you are, whatever you like, lock into our signal and hopefully you’ll find a voice you can agree and argue with, someone who watches what you do and maybe a little of what you don’t but find you want to. Start a dialogue, make some noise. Maybe send out a signal of your own.

If you want to get into contact with us, tweet our way via our Twitter account, @signal_tv, or email us at

The Staff of The Signal


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