The Big C, “Losing Patients” (2.01)

A review of the season premiere, written by Darlene Hunt and directed by Michael Engler, after the jump… Advertisements

The Big C Mini-Reviews, 1.07-1.13

To catch up with last season ahead of the second season premiere, he’s some quick thoughts on each of the remaining episodes from last season…

TRAILER: The Big C, Season 2

Showtime has released a trailer for the second season of the black cancer comedy starring Laura Linney…

FEATURE: Best Episodes of 2010, #21-#11

For every television critic, the inaugural Best Of is a test: a test to see what they value and what they forget, what they cherish and what they banish to the scrap heap. You guys got a taste of my tastes with the Honourable Mentions, but here we are: The Top 20 episodes of 2010! … Continue reading

FEATURE: Best Episodes of 2010 (Honourable Mentions)

Even though they’re terribly difficult to write, I love putting together ‘best of’ lists.I love writing about things I love, and it feels good to reward pieces of art that might not get noticed by other reviewers. This year, I pored through Wikipedia listings to make sure I considered every episode of television I watched … Continue reading

The Big C Mini-Reviews, 1.05-1.06

Since I’ve fallen so behind, I’ll be offering up mini-reviews of the episodes as I work to catch up. Here’s the first two, after the jump…

The Big C, “Playing the Cancer Car” (1.04)

“I do have a future. His name’s Adam.” – Cathy Jamison A review of the fourth episode of the series, written by Mark Kunerth and directed by Craig Zisk, after the jump…

The Big C, “There’s No C in Team” (1.03)

“I don’t know you people. I didn’t ask for you to take me on as your pet project, and I sure as hell don’t need to be judged by you.” – Cathy Jamison A review of the third episode of The Big C, written by Jenny Bicks and directed by Michael Engler, coming after the … Continue reading

The Big C, “Summer Time” (1.02)

“I have no idea who I’m gonna be this summer.” – Cathy Jamison I reacted with some excitement to Showtime’s new comedy after its pilot, praising the work by star Laura Linney, the writing, directing and the cast. And viewers did too, making it Showtime’s biggest premiere in 8 years.. The real test to any … Continue reading

The Big C, “Pilot” (1.01 PRE-REVIEW)

“Oh, come on. Come on, you’ve gotta give it up for me a little bit. It’s kinda funny. ‘Death comedy’.” – Cathy Jamison Showtime have made half-hour dramedies about edgy subjects and strong protagonists their bread and butter, and another has entered the ring: The Big C, starring Laura Linney as a suburban wife and … Continue reading