The Black Donnellys, “God is a Comedian Playing to an Audience Afraid to Laugh” (1.02.5)

A review of the web-only third episode of a One Season Wonder we’ve looked at twice before, written by Robert Moresco & Jeff F. King and directed by Dan Lerner, after the jump… Advertisements

The Black Donnellys, “A Stone of the Heart” (1.02)

“It’s not easy watching people suffer.” – Helen Donnelly The show is about a black Irish family living in New York – Hell’s Kitchen, to be precise. Four brothers and those who surround them, doing petty crime and trying to stay alive.The show is narrated by Joey “Ice Cream” (Keith Nobbs), and focuses the Donnelly … Continue reading

The Black Donnellys, “Pilot” (1.01)

“The Irish have always been victims of negative stereotyping. I mean, people think we’re all drunks and brawlers, and sometimes it makes you so mad you just wanna get drunk and punch somebody.” – Joey “Ice Cream” First up on Rerun Time’s roulette is the pilot of The Black Donnellys, a 2006 drama starring Jonathan … Continue reading