Weeds, “Game-Played” (7.03)

Nancy, in a horrifying and garish dress.

A review of the new season’s third episode, written by Victoria Morrow and directed by Scott Ellis, after the jump… Advertisements

TRAILERS: Breaking Bad (Season 4) and Weeds (Season 7)

New trailers for two of my favourite currently-running shows, Breaking Bad and Weeds. How do they look?

Weeds, “Boomerang” (6.05) and “A Shoe For a Shoe” (6.06)

Nancy Botwin holds a crossbow, having pulled back the light blue baby blanket it was hiding under. She stands in a defunct arcade.

A review of the episodes, the first written by Stephen Falk and directed by Scott Ellis, and the second written by David Holstein and directed by Michael Trim, after the jump…

FEATURE: Best Episodes of 2010, #21-#11

For every television critic, the inaugural Best Of is a test: a test to see what they value and what they forget, what they cherish and what they banish to the scrap heap. You guys got a taste of my tastes with the Honourable Mentions, but here we are: The Top 20 episodes of 2010! … Continue reading

FEATURE: Best Episodes of 2010 (Honourable Mentions)

Even though they’re terribly difficult to write, I love putting together ‘best of’ lists.I love writing about things I love, and it feels good to reward pieces of art that might not get noticed by other reviewers. This year, I pored through Wikipedia listings to make sure I considered every episode of television I watched … Continue reading

Weeds, “Bliss” (6.04)

“I can’t believe this is my life.” – Nancy Botwin A review of the fourth episode of season six, written by Stephen Falk and directed by Eric Jewett, after the jump…

Weeds, “A Yippity Sippety” (6.03)

“This is our normal.” – Nancy Botwin. A review of the third episode of Weeds‘ sixth season, written by Brendan Kelly and directed by Tate Donovan, after the jump…

Weeds, “Felling and Swamping” (6.02)

“My days were numbered anyway, as were yours, because you have the bad fortune of being related to me.” – Nancy Botwin. A review of the second episode of Weeds‘ sixth season, written by Victoria Morrow and directed by Scott Ellis, after the jump…

Weeds, “Thwack” (6.01 PRE-REVIEW)

“I am sorry for the countless times I have left you holding your dick, I am sorry. But now you have the handbook for what not to do.” – Nancy Botwin Weeds is a show that has had its ups and downs, struggling to find its balance after departing the weed-vs.-suburbs story of Agrestic. Last … Continue reading

FEATURE: Lackie’s Season Postmortem

Every season has shows that exceed expectations, and shows that disappoint, and the 2009-2010 season was no different. Notable shifts this year include the rise of a new generation of first-year comedies and, surprisingly, the fall of the traditional network drama. Intrigued? This covers anything that started in June 2009 to anything that started in … Continue reading