Are You There, Chelsea?, “Pilot” (1.01)

Are You There, Chelsea? Logo

A review of the new comedy, written by Dottie Zicklin & Julie Ann Larson and directed by Gail Mancuso, after the jump… Advertisements

Prime Suspect [US], “Episode 1” (1.01)

Jane Timoney (Maria Bello) surrounded by her ensemble of sexist, bullying cops.

Look after the jump for spoiler-free highlights, and a spoilery review, of the episode written by Alexandra Cunningham and directed by Peter Berg… Spoiler-Free Highlights: Maria Bello is awesome, here, as Jane Timoney. She’s tough and brash and makes mistakes, and she’s smart and hard-working. She’s not perfect, far from, but that’s one of the … Continue reading

Charlie’s Angels [2011], “Angel With a Broken Wing” (1.01)

Rachael Taylor is awesome. That is all.

A review of the remake from ABC about three badass chicks solving crime. Spoiler-free highlights AND spoilery review.

Revenge, “Pilot” (1.01)

Victoria (Madeline Stowe) in a red dress, on stage.

A review of the ABC drama pilot “Revenge”, both spoiler-free and spoilery.

The Secret Circle, “Pilot” (1.01)

The Secret Circle logo

A review of the new witch drama, written by Andrew Miller and directed by Liz Friedlander, after the jump…

Free Agents [US], “Pilot” (1.01)

A review of the US adaptation of the Brit comedy, written by John Enbom and directed by Todd Holland, after the jump…

Up All Night, “Pilot” (1.01)

Chris (Will Arnett) and Regan (Christina Applegate) sit in their bathroom, reeling from the results of the pregnancy test.

A review of the opener of the Christina Applegate and Will Arnett starrer, written by Emily Spivey and directed by James Griffiths, after the jump…

New Girl, “Pilot” (1.01)

Jess (Zooey Deschanel) smiles in a black dress.

A pre-air yet spoiler-free review of the pilot, written by Liz Meriwether and directed by Jake Kasdan, after the jump…