To help you guys keep track of who does what at The Signal, we’ll be updating this index every week to include every contribution:

Group Posts

Sending Out a Signal [An Introduction]
Summer Update
FRIDAY ROUNDUP! (May 2010, wk 2)
FRIDAY ROUNDUP! (May 2010, wk 3)
FRIDAY ROUNDUP! (May 2010, wk 4)
SATURDAY ROUNDUP! (June 2010, wk 2)
The Signal on Twitter
FRIDAY ROUNDUP! (June 2010, wk 5)

Robert Lackie

Introducing… Robert Lackie!
Glee: “Journey” (1.22)
Dan For Mayor: “Revenge is Swifty” (1.10), “A Cleanse Getaway” (1.11), “A Date With Vengeance” (1.12), “The Return of Wheel-O” (1.13)
Drop Dead Diva:
Season One
Living in Your Car:
“Chapter 1” (1.01)“Chapter 2″ (1.02)“Chapter 3″ (1.03)“Chapter 4″ (1.04)“Chapter 5″ (1.05), “Chapter 6″ (1.06), “Chapter 7″ (1.07)
Party Down: “Jackal Onassis Backstage Party” (2.01)
Secret Diary of a Call GirlSeason 1
Treme: “Wish Someone Would Care” (1.09), “I’ll Fly Away” (1.10)
United States of Tara: Introducing...,
“Yes” (2.01),  “Trouble Junction” (2.02)
Features: Survival of the Fittest: 2010′s New Shows, Lackie’s Season Postmortem, Canwest’s New Scripted Shows

Stéphane Lachance

Introducing… Stéphane Lachance!
Doctor Who: Introducing…“The Eleventh Hour” (5.01)“The Beast Below” (5.02)“Victory Of The Daleks” (5.03)“The Time Of Angels” (5.04)“Flesh And Stone” (5.05)“The Vampires of Venice” (5.06)

Jessica Finch

Introducing… Jessica Finch!
Morecambe and Wise
:30 Seconds: Season One

Keep checking back, as we’ll be adding every post we do to this index.


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