Glee, “Hold On To Sixteen” (3.08)

The Troubletones on stage.

A review of the latest episode, written by Ross Maxwell and directed by Bradley Buecker, after the jump… Advertisements

Glee, “The First Time” (3.05)

Santana, as Anita, and Rachel, as Maria, on stage for West Side Story.

A review of the newest episode, written by Roberto Agruirre-Sacasa and directed by Bradley Buecker, in spoiler-free and spoiler-y versions, after the jump…

Glee, “Pot O’ Gold” (3.04)

Puck promises support to Shelby.

A review of the fifth episode (in spoiler-free and spoilery forms), written by Ali Adler and directed by Adam Shankman, after the jump…

Glee, “Asian F” (3.03)

Mercedes (Amber Riley) all dolled up as Effie White.

A review of the season’s third episode, written by Ian Brennan and directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, with both spoiler-free and spoiler-y sections, after the jump…

Glee, “I Am Unicorn” (2.02)

The drawing of a pig-clown.

  A review of the show, both spoiler-free and spoilerful, written by Ryan Murphy and directed by Brad Falchuk, after the jump…

Glee, “The Purple Piano Project” (3.01)

Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel (Lea Michele) share an emotional moment in a car.

The new show The Signal will be covering this season is, indeed, Glee! A review of the season premiere, written by Brad Falchuck and directed by Eric Stoltz, after the jump…