Weeds, “Game-Played” (7.03)

Nancy, in a horrifying and garish dress.

A review of the new season’s third episode, written by Victoria Morrow and directed by Scott Ellis, after the jump… Advertisements

The Big C, “Losing Patients” (2.01)

A review of the season premiere, written by Darlene Hunt and directed by Michael Engler, after the jump…

The Big C Mini-Reviews, 1.07-1.13

To catch up with last season ahead of the second season premiere, he’s some quick thoughts on each of the remaining episodes from last season…

TRAILER: The Big C, Season 2

Showtime has released a trailer for the second season of the black cancer comedy starring Laura Linney…

TRAILERS: Breaking Bad (Season 4) and Weeds (Season 7)

New trailers for two of my favourite currently-running shows, Breaking Bad and Weeds. How do they look?

Shameless [US], “Aunt Ginger” (1.03) and “Casey Casden” (1.04)

Debbie and little Casey Casden walking down an alleyway.

A review of the episodes, “Aunt Ginger” (written by Nancy M. Pimental and directed by Stephen Hopkins) and “Casey Casden” (written by Cindy Caponera and directed by Todd Holland), after the jump…

Shameless (US) 1.02, “Frank the Plank”

Debbie offers her dad a beer.

“I didn’t split like your mom did. I could’ve!” – Frank Gallagher The pilot of the show impressed me, offering a wide range of intriguing and likeable characters. Does the second episode stack up? A review of the episode, written by Paul Abbot & John Wells and directed by John Wells after the jump…

Shameless (US) 1.01, “Pilot”

Fiona Gallagher (Emmy Rossum) imagines her passed-out father thanking her for her hard work.

“Name one time I have let you down.” – Philip “Lip” Gallagher This midseason, The Signal will be reviewing the midseason pilots as they air. This group includes Shameless, a Showtime adaptation of a British series starring Emmy Rossum, William H. Macy and Justin Chatwin, amongst a group of others. The US has a long … Continue reading

The Big C Mini-Reviews, 1.05-1.06

Since I’ve fallen so behind, I’ll be offering up mini-reviews of the episodes as I work to catch up. Here’s the first two, after the jump…

United States of Tara Dropped

After writing in-depth reviews of the first two episodes of Showtime‘s series United States of Tara, season two, I’m officially announcing that the show will no longer be in The Signal‘s review rotation.