Doctor Who, “Let’s Kill Hitler” (6.08)

Doctor Who is back and we get to see when Melody met the Doctor… and killed him. Read past the jump for more… Advertisements

Eureka, “Clash of the Titans” (4.17)

Guest star Wallace Shawn as the relationship auditor.

A review of the episode, written by Eric Tuchman and Paula Yoo and directed by Michael Robison, after the jump…

Eureka, “Of Mites and Men” (4.16)

The Astraeus candidates fold paper cranes.

A review of the latest episode, written by Terri Hughes-Burton and Ron Milbauer, and directed by Mike Rohl, after the jump…

Eureka, “Omega Girls” (4.15)

Carter (Colin Ferguson), Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) and a picnic.

A review of the latest episode, written by Eric Wallace & Jaime Paglia and directed by Salli Richardson-Whitfield, after the jump…

Global Dynamics Closes Down: Syfy and the Eureka Cancellation Fumble

Colin Ferguson as Jack Carter.

It has been a dramatic week for the cast and crew of Signal favourite Eureka. Eight days ago, Deadline‘s always-on-the-ball Nellie Andreeva reported that the final six episode order would be the show’s last. Little did we know things would get a lot more complicated…

Eureka, “Up in the Air” (4.14)

Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) watches things float into the air, recreating the show's title sequence.

A review of the episode, written by Kira Snyder and directed by Alexandra LaRoche, after the jump…